Unique Chess Sets and Boards for the Chess Player

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Checkmate! Your pawn is all gone! If you are indeed a chess player, in some reasons, you must have one in your living room or in your backyard patio. You can play defeat your neighbor, relatives, or family every time. You must consider the unique chess sets and boards when you intend to buy one. The regular chess is the best and portable so you can bring it wherever you like, but the home chess set and board must be different because it is the part of the architecture of the house.

chess sets and boards for sale

Chess sets and boards for sale Brand: OLIVIEU

Before we talk even further, in the unique chess board, maybe you can’t find any pawns, rooks, or bishops in the way they should be in the regular chess. The symbol is the same, the rule is the same, but the figure is different. For example, in the wooden and metallic chess, the figure of knight is just the cross symbol and the shape of all chess figure is the same heighted pion. This is the contemporary chess sets. Unique chess sets and boards offer beautiful rustic essence and metallic chess is used usually in emperor environment.

unique chess boards for sale

Unique chess boards for sale Brand: Regencychess

Sometimes you can found the highly crafted wood or metal make the cost of production and uniqueness doubles. In the other hand, they also come in the simple form like the 3D printed letter form. Each letter symbolizes the name, letter K for the knight, P for pawn, and so on. But the uniqueness sometimes is not only appearing in the chess sets, but also chess board can be very different. It’s not compulsory to have the checkerboard pattern; the important thing is the gridding line.

unique chess sets for sale

Unique chess sets for sale Brand: IADUMO

The other aspects that can be varied are the orientation of the chess board itself. You are never expected to buy unique chess sets and boards with the vertically align in the form of wine cabinet. The playing method is by move the chess piece along the rules but fitting the cabinet. Or, you can also have the three player chess board or even four player chess board played in Roman and China. That’s so amazing. But, the most expensive chess board and set in the world is the jewel, gold and platinum chess sets that cost about 9.8 million dollar. Interested? Why not?

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