Small Modern Homes with Natural and Modern Style Fusion

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The available land can’t keep up with the always high demand for housing. That makes a price of the property always high. To tackle this, people has to compromise about the size for affordable housing. Even the size is small; that doesn’t mean the style and its features should be wrong. That problem is what the small modern homes are trying to tackle. Taking the design of a small house is great but with not so tiny ideas and beauty. The modern style of housing is always full of an idea to keep the owner happy and comfortable to live in the house.

Amazing small modern homes

A small modern homes design tries to utilize the small space entirely, and it has to include decent features. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, guest room, dining room, and with ample room to move around is a must for a house, even if it’s small one. Don’t forget to save some space for the yard. A small house can be built everywhere because it doesn’t need such big space. And in the urban environment, the small room is preferable for the limited space in the city.

Building a small modern home

We will give you samples of the small house with modern style, even in a not so modern environment. The 1.300 square feet modern style cabin for a ski vacation is one gorgeous sample. The house shows its wooden element on the wall, ceiling, and flooring which adds warmth to every corner of the interior. Wooden furniture is also used mainly to furnish the rooms. It has the wide living room which merged with its kitchen it is compact, yet remain spacious. The bedroom and bathroom are only the two other rooms in the room beside the living room, but it still retains the usefulness of a great house. The windows use glass panel to add emerging sensation between the indoor and outdoor. The effect is evident the house looks more spacious more than it should. The house located in the mountainous and snowy region is equipped with a hanging fireplace to add more warmth in the living room.

How to build a small modern house

A small modern home which incorporates nature creates a great ambiance. A small house with natural slate as the outer wall merges with its urban park environment. While the house located in the suburban, the house also put wooden accent wall to contrast the gray of slate. The glass wall is installed to encourage the natural sun ray to light and warm the interior. The small house combining the nature and the modern demand retains its shine on both secluded and urban area.

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