Retractable Glass Walls for Interior and Exterior Immersion

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These retractable glass walls will give more freedom for you when you want to feel the afternoon breeze. Glass walls will become great addition into your house, for its aesthetically pleasing feature and useful benefits. Glass is see through material and will make your room look bigger because glass walls will make the impression that your room merging with the yard. Glass walls allow you to watch the view of your backyard, but still protect you from the wind and pollutions. The glass walls also have healthy benefit and can help reducing the cost of lighting. It will help the light to go through your rooms and warm your house.

Glass Curtain retractable glass walls

Glass Curtain retractable glass walls

There are basically two kind of retractable glass walls. You can choose the one with frame or pick the frameless glass to give more immersed look between the room and the outside. While the retracting mechanism vary between sliding and folding, you can always pick the one which you are comfortable when retract the window. Of course you have to take measurement about the place where you should put the glass wall.

The usual installation of the glass wall involving around putting the rail to move the walls, you can design whether it is curved or just straight line, placing the retracting mechanism which a usually operated via electrical panel for effortless and total control. The technician will help you with fixing the glass walls. Try to inspect and look for the flaw.

KAAIG produce fine retractable glass walls to be installed into your house. The glass system operating Slide and Stack system to remove any visible mechanism on the wall. The wall is using specially designed system, Glass Curtain, so you can close the glass wall easily when the wind blows. The glass wall slides on the unique rail so the weight will be divided and spreaded equally on the track. This system will help the glass walls so it can’t wear out in short time. You can always match the style of the KAAIG glass system with your room. A retractable wall on the glass ceiling for forest cabin is perfect for you who want immerse yourself in the tranquil environment of the forest.

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