Comfortable House Exterior at Countryside

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If you have a house in the countryside it can be more comfortable is you make it with a custom design. This kind of design will give you more comfort and happy living. It will also suit the green environment around the house. The house exterior will need to be decided carefully. You can see the Country House project and found many interesting ideas which can be used in your house. Made by Nelson O’Neill architects, this house can bring you a wonderful living.

Modern Patio Design with Table Tennis, Outdoor Dining Furniture Indoor Meets Outdoor Country House

Modern Patio Design with Table Tennis, Outdoor Dining Furniture Indoor Meets Outdoor Country House

From the front side, this house is looked like a classic country house with white wall and grey roof. Stone stairs is located before the house. There are many green plantations and trees which are panted besides the stairs. Looking for this house from the front part will give you a warm and comfortable feeling. Black door is completing this house exterior idea. Two short chimneys are located on the ends of the roof.

When you go to the inner yard, you will found a different nuance. In this space, you can see a modern style yard which can be suitable for the modern people. Stone wall is combined with the grey wall. There is a wide back entrance with some glass windows. These white framed windows can be flipped. It is connecting the kitchen space inside the house with a cozy patio in the inner yard. On the concrete deck, a long table is surrounded by many outdoor chairs.

Not only the outdoor patio, but the kitchen is also very appealing. With grey color, this kitchen looks awesome. Grey cabinets are available in thin space. Above the hardwood floor, white carpet is placed. A grey kitchen island is located in the center of this L-shaped kitchen. Some modern white stools are placed next to the island. With the combination of both the house interior and house exterior design, this project looked so wonderful.

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