Hill House Design with Beautiful Scenery View

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Living in the beautiful hill house design gives unusual sensation. Commonly, the people live in the crowded area where many houses are built. It makes the house seems not comfort anymore. That’s why some people chose to live in the home with natural landscape. Like the project here, this is a project which is designed in the hill with beautiful interior and exterior designs. This is Missouri Heights Residence which is designed by Forum Phi Architecture and Interiors.

Hill House Design

Comfortable Wooden Deck Design Applied in Missouri Heights Residence Outdoor Living Space with Best Lighting Ideas

Hill House Design Ideas

See the pictures here. The exterior designs in this house are designed with cute chairs and fireplace. There are the black chairs with white soft cushion are standing with the modern fireplace. The people can enjoy the beautiful scenery view by sitting in that chair. Even more, the green grass in front of the house gives natural sensation which increases the performance of outside house. Then, the wall is designed with glass windows and glass doors. This is beautiful outside hill house design ideas.

Move inside the house, especially in the bathroom. In the bathroom, there are some modern interior designs such as white toilet, white tube sink and the grey glass tile. The sink stands above the wooden counter board in the storage. Then, see the performance of the stair. This stair is designed in wooden stair tread and wooden guardrail. This stair is the connection between upstairs and downstairs. Next to the stair is the glass window. So, the people can enjoy the outside view by standing in the stair.

Hill House Design

Brown Color of Seating Unit Applied in Outdoor Living Space of Missouri Heights Residence Exteriro Design with Fireplace

Hill House Interiors and Design

Then, in the family room, you can see some rooms in the one place. In the first room is the kitchen. This kitchen is designed with cafe table and the leather chairs. Next to the kitchen is the dining room with brown chairs and the wooden table. They are standing above the white carpet. After that, the living room has the sofa and the television as cozy hill house interior design in the corner of room.

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