Hallway Lighting Design to Complete Interior Decor

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Various designs of hallway lighting design are available and they are not only to simply add the lighting, but also to add decoration. Here we have some examples from the simplest design to the most sophisticated design. They are also for traditional and modern interior. One which is for the traditional home is the cage lamps which work for a classic hallway with curved ceiling. Hanging from the ceiling, they also accentuate some decorative items displayed such as greeneries.

Interior design hallway lighting

Interior design hallway lighting

Simple Hallway Lighting Fixtures

The simple design of hallway lighting design is with some ceiling lamps installed on the ceiling. Some ceiling lamps installed in a straight line are interesting enough for contemporary interior. But if you want more creative idea, you can install them in zigzag lining. Or, you can also combine the lamps with some bigger rounded shaped lamps. Bigger lamps offer lighter illumination than the small one and they are good to accentuate some decorations you attach on wall. They also create unique decorative lining on wall from the lighting.

Another interesting idea of simple ceiling lamp is one which is in industrial design. It is installed in a straight line with an exposed wire connecting each lamp. The lamps are completed with industrial shades which are made of stainless steel. The shades are adjustable so that you can set which parts you want the lamps accentuate. It is also another idea to accentuate some decorative items, such as posters, photos, and pictures, which are attached on wall. If you an artworks collector, this industrial ceiling lighting is suitable for you.

Creative Hallway Lighting Ideas

There are at least two hallway lighting design you can grab from these pictures. Pendant lamps will be surprising for a small white hallway with wooden floor. Although they make the space look smaller, they create a stunning look. Another favorite design which is suitable for modern home is hidden lighting. You will not exactly find where the lamps are installed but you can only catch the light. This kind of hidden hallway lighting ideas is suitable for you who want to develop your home interior in minimalist style.

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