Exterior and Interior Design in Luxury Ideas

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The performance of the exterior and interior design must be concerned. Both of them are important. This time, we provide a project which has luxury ideas in the inside and outside house. The furniture designs in the inside house and the architecture of the outside house are extremely awesome. This is the Residence in Greenwich, CT project which is designed by Saniee Architects llc. This house gives much inspiration about the luxury house ideas. Please take a look for the pictures for knowing them more.

See the pictures here. There are the exterior and interior home design performances. In the outside house, you can see the performance of the green landscape in the front yard. In the backyard, there is big swimming pool. Next to the swimming pool are the couches and the tables. It is great place for the people who want to feel the sunburn, and the place for the people who want to enjoy beautiful view is the big pavilion. In this pavilion, there are some table sets. One of them is wooden table with the brown chairs.

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Classic Swimming Pool Design in Residence in Greenwich, CT Finished with Payer Deck with Pool Loungers in Grey Color

The impressive performance of inside house comes from the elegant stair. This twist stair is designed by wooden stair tread and the wooden guardrail in white and brown dominant colors. The wall decoration is full of the photo with black photo frame design. Some of storages in the downstairs are keeping the accessory to increase the performance of the house. Move to the kitchen, this kitchen is designed white cabinet and some chairs. Next to that kitchen is the glass table and chairs for dining table.

Let’s see the performance of the bathroom. This bathroom is designed in white concept. The small white curtains are hanged on the windows. Then, the white bathtub is appeared in the middle of the windows. After all, they are the home interior and exterior design ideas pictures in luxury performance.

Exterior Design Ideas Pictures

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