Expandable Round Dining Room Table Adding More Elegance

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Decorating home can be so much easier with expandable round dining room table. You don’t need to worry that this table will requires wide spaces since it is so flexible. For an elegant look, you can choose the vintage expandable table. Even though it has shabby style, the designs are not dull. These tables will adorn modern home appropriately. Usually it comes in neutral brown color that can be paired with another style. Besides the aesthetical functions, it is also helps you gain more room spaces because it can be folded anytime.

expandable round dining room table plans

Expandable round dining room table plans

Simplicity is main characteristic of shabby expandable round dining room table. It doesn’t have bold color, full ornaments, complex craving, or complicated form. Commonly, vintage round tables are made from hardwood or oak wood. These matters have longer lifespan than the others wood types. So, it can be a valuable heirloom to pass from a generations to the generations. However, some new tables also made based on vintage style so you don’t have to wait until receive an extendable table as heirloom.

Basic have expandable round dining tables have, of course, wooden round surface and three or four leg chairs. Some table designs have round-cut glass covering its round wood surface. The glass cover makes the table more secure from spilled drinks or dust. Vintage styles try to present natural sense, so the table color mostly in dark brown, cream, or beige. Sometimes you can find a shabby expandable dining room table that polished in white porcelain color.

The round tables have various folding style. For instance, table styles that have additional board on its drawer. Just pull it to have more dining table spaces. There is simpler style, which just need to fold it up to add more spaces, and then fold it upright to reduce spaces. For more extravagant style, you can create expandable tables that can be hidden on the ground. It has only one cylinder leg that stands on holes on the floor. When you need some spaces, just fold the round wooden surface into two, and then push the table onto the ground and the table is disguised perfectly between wooden floors. Explore more expandable round dining room table designs to decide what type you really like.

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