Expandable Console Dining Table to Make the Easter Party Alive

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You have a beautiful home but your space is limited. Then you brainstorm and realize that the problem is in the huge dining table. If you can get rid of it, you can have a spare space that can be your family room. So, that is the idea, how we can make a dualism of the dining room. When it is unused, the size can be occupied by four people, but in the Thanksgiving or Easter celebration the size can be up to ten people? It is all possible by the expandable console dining table. This furniture makes your life easier, isn’t it?

best expandable console dining table

Best expandable console dining table

How to use this expendable console dining table? Simply lift out the center section of the table; it will reveal the hidden table. Spread and bend it carefully so it is perfect fit with the main annex. Expand it slowly, and voila your table is being longer than before. The appearance of your expandable dining table is befitted your dining room tone and color. The dark and rocky atmosphere must have the expandable console dining table. The bright and elegant dining room must also have the classy dining table too.

You can name the various types of this expendable dining table starting from the wooden one, the plywood, and so on, but mostly wooden. It is because wooden is brittle, so they can be folded or expanded in many directions like papers. But, the proper dining table should not be light wooden, it must be teak or mahogany with many decoration and coloring in the edge, and it is expensive.

Talking about the price, this item is a bit higher than the regular dining table. The well-polished and elegant cost about $2395. But, you can do economize your space a little bit and make it up for the other uses. This expandable console dining table is likely the same with the collapsible or foldable dining table. The collapsible and foldable dining table or kitchen table is commonly used in the café or backyard accessories. The other variant is the collapsible mirror table. This type is sturdy and fragile. The development of the dining table is quite fascinating right?

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