Dutch Colonial House Plans Architecture and Exterior

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We have collected the best pictures of Dutch colonial house plans which may give you some inspirations for creating an imposing traditional home. From the pictures, you will find the characteristic of the architecture design and how the dwelling should be completed with the outdoor space treats. Here are some ideas we concluded from the pictures.

Small dutch colonial house plans

As you can see the Dutch colonial house plans with photos, commonly, the houses are in duplex style structure. It has triangular or trapezoidal shaped gables. Some stone chimneys are exposed to match with the shingle style exterior walling. Big pillars are commonly employed for the front porch. Some of the houses are equipped with bay windows for the attic which are usually benefitted as bedroom or living room. For the bay window at the first floor, dining or living room is the most appropriate to add. Rectangular windows, which are commonly in double-hung design, are also added and combined with the rounded one.

The shingled wall is usually finished in gray, completing the exterior design. The gray and white combination, gray for the top floor and white for the bottom part, is also stunning to see. Or, you can also have the dominant gray with the white touches for decorative trims, such as roofline, window casings, pillars, etc. White or cream is also famous for neutral tones concept design. For the white, the contrast black touches which are commonly for the window shutters are also helpful to add.

Vintage dutch colonial house plans

Traditional colonial home commonly has spacious space surrounding which is benefitted for the refreshing green garden. Decorative gravels or even stone is also nice to add and combine with the greens. Some of them, besides completed with vegetation, are also surrounded by wooded area. Then, for the finishing, the Dutch colonial house plans are bordered with short wooden fencing to define the territory.

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Dutch colonial home plans

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