Design My Own House for More Elegant and Extravagant Living Space

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If you want to marry soon, and you have an enough money to build a house, you can start to question your mind, how to design my own house? The primary thing is the get some inspiration by visiting your neighborhood or hunting some of it in a newspaper. If you are rich, enough you can search the land in the location you dreamed of, for example on the beach side, or in the mountainous land. No problem with your buying or renting, the important thing is how to design it later to become your style.

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The first step in design the house is deciding how many bedrooms you want, after that you choose how many bathroom and garage you need, and predict how to square foot your total is demanding area. The next step is developing a design and of course a design my own house and its floor plans. You can contact and consult with a professional architect or design it by yourself. Get rid of that mainstream box in your floor plan and change it into a modern layout where the box should interconnect to each other. Add some doors if you want to show your mysterious side with you, or you can make your big bookshelves become your mysterious door with a secret chamber behind. It is hilarious!

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The next step in design the house is the coloring phase. Add some colors that represent your personality. Combine it with an accent wall in the middle of your room with contrary color to attract attention from your visitors. Then, don’t forget to bring up the perfect lighting in every corner of your house. Don’t use the same bright for all rooms because you can differentiate each room as its function.

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The next step is fulfilling your home with some recent furniture. You can pick whether it modern or rustic style. All you must do is matching it with the color of your wall, floor, tiles, ceiling, and lighting. The last step is decorating your garden. The best is when you have two side gardens, one in the façade and one in the backyard. But if you just have one in the façade, you must mind about the garage route. This all you need in if you want to design my own house and don’t forget to be cautious with the price because you also can have a superior home design just at an inexpensive price.

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