Attractive Coolest Chess Set

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Playing chess game will be more interesting if you use coolest chess set. Sometimes, people call chess game as mind game because it requires concentration, strategy, and brain power. Standard chess boards are a set of boxes contain white and black pawn. There are white and black square paint on the box surface. However, you have to try playing chess with unique chess set. Obviously, it will give a new amazing playing chess experience. Also can be an intermezzo for using standard chess.

Coolest chess sets in the world

Coolest chess sets in the world

One of fascinating model is Renault F1 team coolest chess set. It will be perfect choice for chess gamer that put interest in automotive world too. Uniquely, the pawn is formed like parts of Renaults F1 car, for instance wings, uprights. Its materials are stainless steel, titanium, and another luxury matters. Clearly, the good materials make the chess set looks extravagant and sporty. To get this special chess, you must pay $37,000.

Another fancy chess set come in 3D form. Instead of standard flat board, this chess have 3D terrain. The king and queen pawn settled in highest place, just like a throne. The chess set is look alike genuine war field, so it will make your chess game more lively and real. Other real chess game was designed by Alastair Mackie. This Mackie’s chess set will be right for you who love biology, especially insect. Each chess pion made from small glass that contained with insects. For white pawn, you can use the flying insects, and the black pawn with ground insects. The war field is a luminous white board that will irradiate the insects inside the glass chess.

Hilarious chess set was designed by Victor F. Scharstein. Inspired by Japanese philosophy, he created a wonderful chess with very great details. Gold are the main material that he used to produce it. Each pawns decorated with precious stone such us ruby, emerald, diamond, etc. The chessboard made from high quality ebony with kanji calligraphy written on the side. Absolutely, this is a must have item for chess collector. This coolest chess set will give a luxurious experience on playing chess.

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