Contemporary House Design with Swimming Pool

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In the modern era, the performance of the contemporary house design becomes a trendsetter. So, there are some people want to have this kind of home in during their life. Well, here is a project with modern residence concept. Hopefully, this project can give the inspiration about modern home. This is a project with the swimming pool which makes the house will be perfect. It is designed by Saniee Architects llc in the title Residence in Hartsdale, NY. Best outside with swimming pool is completed with beautiful inside house.

See these pictures. In front of the house, you will see some stairs models with green plants along those stairs. In the basement, there is a garage with paver road driveway. In the house, there is long deck which can be used for seeing the beautiful view. Then, in the backyard, there is a blue swimming pool. This beautiful pool can be enjoyed from inside house through the big glass windows on the black wall. It is awesome outside house for contemporary house design plans right?

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Relaxing Swimming Pool Design in Residence in Hartsdale, NY Finished with Unique Deck Design Made fromPayer

Then, let’s see inside the house. You will feel impressed with the appearance of the prison stair. Some iron sticks are standing with the wooden stair tread. It is awesome stair. Next to the stair is the black chair with the green pillow. Then, let’s see the performance of the room which has special pillow also. This is living room with corner wooden chair and low black table. The colorful pillows and soft feather pillows makes this room goes to cheerful. This room is increased by some windows to give larger effect.

The bathroom is designed with modern interior designs, you can see them. There are some white sink in unique model. And, the wonderful wall appears with the mirrors and lamps. There is a flower in the middle of the sinks to make this room becomes nicer. After that, in this bathroom, you will get the unusual bathroom performance with the special wall decoration. All of these furniture designs can be adopted in contemporary modern house plans for your next living home.

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