Contemporary Extendable Dining Room in Your Home

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Dining room is used for family gathering and also having meal together. But sometimes you feel not comfortable with your dining room since its space or situation. You can think to design contemporary extendable dining room. KOTPOP offers many designs for extendable dining room and you should look first because you must be satisfied if you finally get the best one here. You will get inspiring idea while you are here with family and perhaps you get your comfort.

contemporary extendable dining table and chairs

Contemporary extendable dining table and chairs

First you should care of contemporary dining room material such as table dining room, chair, table furniture and its ornaments. The table is made from wood which usually oak wood. Besides wood, glass is also good to make board table. Make sure to extend the table because you will need more space. Extended table is also totally needed for more persons if you are having meal. Chair is also from wood or acrylic. Acrylic chair is actually more expensive but durable. You can set one table for four chairs or probably 6 chairs for more persons.

Folding Dining Table

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Continue your contemporary extendable dining room with dining room furniture such as carpet, flower vas, photo frame and also cabinet besides your table. Provide pendant lamp above your table because you will need lighting at night. Table lamp above the cabinet is also good ideas as long as you can decorate the dining room well. The wall and floor are much better if you design into light color like white color so you will get much spirit. You don’t need colorful room for your contemporary extendable dining room.

Make sure your dining have enough room space now. Choose extendable table which suitable for dining room, such as expendable round dining table. It is commonly chosen since people around the table can easily interact with others and also take their meals. Besides rectangle table, round table is also used in dining room so you can take it. This is actually good combination for you since you can enjoy having your meal together here. Finally you can take or design it to get your best contemporary extendable dining room.

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