Boys Bedroom Creative Ideas with Art Project

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What first come into your mind when designing boys bedroom? Is it a playful room with loads and loads of toys, a cool bedroom with favorite superhero theme, or maybe a nice room with a touch of kid’s art? There are so many ways one can go to design the boy’s bedroom. Comfy bedroom with a great design could give a comforting atmosphere, give a mood boost, and stimulate the mind and creativity.

boys bedroom colors

Boys bedroom colors

Boys bedroom often full of their beloved toys and personal favorite trinkets. It could also be a sanctuary where their ideas and inspiration strikes. When it comes to imagination, kids often come with the best ideas. Their imagination and ideas could come in the many forms of arts, like paintings, sculptures, or music. Putting their artwork in the bedroom is a great idea for boys bedrooms themes, which could prompt them to create new art project every day, besides give a sense of pride in showing their work.

The boys bedroom in this design has colorful scheme that could give a boost in the mood and creativity. The bright colors of the furniture give a contrast to the calming blue walls. The color scheme includes fiery orange for the shelves, lime green for the bed accessories, some yellow for the throw pillow, and green and blue for the pillowcase and duvet. The bright colors give a very playful and delightful look. This is a room which energetic, artsy and creative boys would love.

The boys bedroom furniture in this design consists of a simple shelf which could be used to save the kid’s personal belongings and favorite toys. It comes with wide storages, which could accommodate toys, backpack, books, even helmet. The design also gives a room for large features such as lampshade. The room is carpeted, which provides a warm and soft playground for the kids to frolic around. The design also provides a sun shade for the window, which could filter the light from outside in a particular hot summer day, cooling the room. The combination of art scheme and colorful design in this small room makes it an energetic place for the kids to play, sleep, and improve their creativity in boys bedroom.

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