Bookshelf as Room Dividers for Functional Room Separator

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Instead of letting the living room space remain useless, it is better for you to just add bookshelf as room dividers to separate the living room. Having large room space, sometimes you want to make it more functional for multipurpose use. As an example, we have large living room here and we want to optimize the room for more beneficial purpose. At the same time, you desire to have home library which provide comfortable and private atmosphere during reading time. It is very functional both for book container and room separator. Moreover, it can be a room decoration; too, since well-arranged books have some kind of nice vintage looks.

bookshelf as room dividers home library bookshelf

Bookshelf as room dividers home library bookshelf

Now, you have decided to build your home library. What will you do then? You can easily move your ordinary bookshelf right on your desire position and let it fill the library. However, there is always more creative way to do it. Why don’t you make bookshelf as room dividers DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project? It is certainly extraordinary bookcase with beautiful accents. You can easily find some related inspiration according color, patterned, shape, and material. Come on; make your stuffs uniquely different!

Let we discuss more detail about some details about DIY project. It is good for you to have more colorful bookshelf with sufficient pattern on the left and right side. You can adapt with overall color tone inside the room. For practical guide, if you have some kind of cream wall color, then make your bookcase more alive with bright and colorful color such as orange or lime green. Then, as a decorative part, we can suggest some graphical patterns, including latticework, swatch, and trellis. Orange wooden bookcase combined with metal pattern is an excellent choice, after all.

You might find difficulty issues related with technical aspects in making special decorative bookshelves, especially in creating the pattern. Don’t be much worry. All you have to do is make the pattern copy and make it as template. Then, put the template over the metal plate, and make identical pattern on it. After this process finished, simply cut the metal as you desire, and make it properly installed on the bookcase. Once it is clear, neatly arrange the book. Finally, you have got very newly decorative bookshelf as room dividers. Congratulation!

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