Playing with Monochromic Project 2021: Black and white Bedroom

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Colors play a great role in every single moment of our life. Because of the colors, our life is not flat. It gives colorful impression in every step of life. As the tribute to love of colors, some people share their love in the house to each room, even bedroom. Why should it be a bedroom? It is because this room is a room of privacy. So they choose colors to express themselves. However, if being colorful is nice, are you dare to have black and white bedroom?

Black and white bedroom decorating ideas pictures

Black and white bedroom decorating ideas pictures

Black is often associated with darkness, gloomy, sadness, and sorrow. Besides, it also means as strong for some people. White color is associated with calm condition, holy, bright, and simple. These two colors are known by people as neutral colors. It means that it suits any colors. What if your bedroom is black and white bedroom? Is it flat? Think twice because with black and white elegant bedroom ideas from us, you can still express yourself through monochromic colors.

Playing with Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Many customers have succeeded to paint the house only with two dominant colors: black and white. Choosing black and white colors does not mean that you are flat and your house becomes flat. Who says that if you do this monochromic project means it will be monochrome 100%? Because black and white are neutral, this is a golden chance for you to give additional black and white bedroom furniture in other colors. The neutrality of these two colors makes them easy to be suitable with any colors. Black white bedroom has wider access to explore creativity.

Being suitable in many other colors is the advantage of black white and navy bedroom. But, if you do not creative enough to play with colors and furniture, indeed you room will be flat. You need proportionality. When you think that you have played enough with monochromes, you can choose black and white bedroom accessories in any model and color. It is better for you to choose other colors to prevent the flatness in the room.

Elegant black and white bedroom design inspiration

Elegant black and white bedroom design inspiration

In a black and white bedroom, the white color is fragile with dirt. If you are not taking care enough with this, in the long run, this white color will turn into a brownish one. This is a nightmare, isn’t it? You need to check every day on the condition of the color itself. Besides you need to clean up every day, you need to check whether or not you find any stain on one of white furniture or accessories in the bedroom. If you do, immediately you clean up otherwise it will hard to remove.

The black color is the opposite of white. Dark stain will not be that invisible to human’s eyes. This is different with white color: whether the stain color is dark or light, it is still invisible. However, in a black and white bedroom, black color is sensitive with dust. What does it mean? It means that dust will be very invisible in black color because the dust has light color—light brown. You need to be patient to check for the dust.

Pictures of Black and White Bedroom Designs Gallery

Having a black and white bedroom is a challenging project. Black and white color has its own characteristics that we need to take care of.

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