Bathroom Shower Designs Located at the Corner

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You may think that it is enough to have a shower in your bathroom without a tub, but these bathroom shower designs will say that it isn’t enough! The design ideas present the perfect way of having bathroom with shower and tub even the space is limited. It is about the room management of where you should locate all the items and wrap all of them in the bathroom. Having the shower at the corner can be one of the solutions to maximizing the bathroom space.

Bathroom shower designs ideas

Bathroom shower designs ideas

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas with Calm Colors

Currently, you need a bathroom for not only take a bath or take a shower but also for relaxation. Bathroom is the best place where you can find a maximum relaxation in your home. That is why bathtub seems to be a must. Some modern tubs are in combo design with shower. But if you want to have them separated, you can have them in an L-shaped layout. A tub is at the corner and shower is in another corner. You can also have the shower at the corner between the tub and vanity area. Besides, what you need to pay attention more is the coloring and these bathroom shower designs will help you.

Again, colors are not only for a better presentation, but they can also give some other advantages. For a calm and relaxing nuance, soft colors are recommended. Some of the most popular colors for shower are white, gray, cream, and brown. Modern bathroom will be friendly so much with the white and gray coloring while the traditional bathroom will look more luxurious with the brown and cream colors. The combination of those colors will also create a more stunning look. The coloring is not by painting the wall, but currently by selecting the right wall tiles.

Small Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas in White Color

It is unquestionable that small space commonly requires white coloring. For the shower, white wall tiles or painting is good to meet this need. It also presents a cooperative combination with the glass shower door. White marble tiles with the unique patterns showcase a better aesthetic look. They are also suitable for more luxury look. Besides white bathroom shower designs, light gray tiles are also supportive for more spacious sense of small bathroom.

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