Bathroom Glass Shelves Idea for Masculine Impression

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The masculine conception is the same reason why men like designing bathroom glass shelves which has dark color, such as dark blue, brown, or black, those typical men colors. Men usually have their own preferences related to interior. The design itself is usually simple without carving or curve on any side. Somehow, that simplicity is great and perfectly matching with their personality, cool outside, but warmth inside. Typical masculine bathroom shelves are made from woods or steel that has trapped arrangement in order to keep their toiletries safe, clean, and neat.

Bathroom shelves glass and chrome

Cool Bathroom Hooks for Boys’ Bathroom

Bathroom hanger or simply we call bathroom glass shelves; have main function to hold out clothes or towels. Ordinary hanger is made from thick aluminum wire, with or without wood combination. Newly designed bath hangers nowadays are very innovative. Some of them have alphabetical shape, containing ‘bath” words or someone’s name. Another bath hanger style contains graphical picture of famous celebrities. This innovative hanger mostly has metallic color and has masculine accent that fit with boy’s bathroom.

Bathroom glass corner shelves

Simple Bathroom Light Fixture with Metallic Steel

Decorating bathroom with lots of masculine touch is something considerable, especially for you, guys. However, pay much attention on the entire look. Don’t put too much dark color in every items, it would be so cold and boring. On the contrary, mixing of both cheerful color such Tosca, yellow and blue, white for wall and masculine color for bathroom shelves and bath up are perfect. Adding such cheerful wall also beneficial to keep the bathroom get sufficient natural lighting through the windows.

What items should we install to increase men-room impression without losing warmth? Well, so many things you can do. First of all, you should only use simple border for your mirror, bathroom floor cabinets, and also bathroom shelves. However, detailing accents can be replaced with trapped arrangement or stripped horizontal lines on the bathroom shelves. Also, you can use bathroom glass shelves for marble or light wooden floor in order to develop warmth, natural, and peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, the two kind of floor material is very functional to generate clean and hygienic feels.

Bathroom glass shelf chrome

Bathroom glass shelf decor

Bathroom glass shelf design

Bathroom glass shelves chrome

Bathroom glass shelves decor

Bathroom glass shelves ideas

Bathroom glass shelves with towel bar

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