Artistic Lighting Fixtures for Elegant Home

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Install a magnificent artistic lighting fixtures in living room can spray positive energy to the room. Lightings have significant role in home design, for both lighting and decorating purpose. Compare to usual lighting fixture, well-designed lighting fixtures will light the room more glamorize. Certainly, you have to choose suitable lighting fixtures. Some lighting fixtures are maybe not suitable for particular room. For instance, a crystal chandelier that full of ornament details is too much for a kitchen.

arts and crafts lighting fixtures pendant

Arts and crafts lighting fixtures pendant

There are many various designs of artistic lighting fixtures. The interior designers have made their creation that inspired by nature, sea, hobbies, and old ages style. Their ideas are limitless and ageless. Lighting bulb can be set on lovely flower shape, shells fixtures form, vintage lampshade, or even abstract form. The lighting fixtures can be made from metal, glass, bamboo webbing, paper, precious stone, or anything you might like. Handcrafted or well assembled, it is up to your choice.

art deco light fixtures for sale

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Some lighting fixtures specially design for specific purpose. Anthology Quartett had designed a special lighting for kitchen named Coffee Lights. If you are a coffee addict, these lighting fixtures will make you happy. Set in kitchen roof, it will look like upside down white porcelain coffee cup. It’s even has matching saucer. This Coffee Lights kitchen tenderly makes a pleasant cooking experience. For bedroom, you can use Pouring Light Lamp by Yeongwoo Kim. This lighting fixture was made based on optic illusion concept. Like the name, it can show us a drift glass that pours white light to the table that makes liquid puddle. If we look closer to its details, the liquid puddle is actually the base, poured light is the body, and the glass is the lampshade.

More splendid atmosphere can be presented by colorful lighting fixtures. This kind will help to customize the whole room’s ambience. Joker’s chandelier that designed by Tim Lindermann is a good sample. Made from high quality Pyrex, this lighting fixture formed like Joker’s dangling hat. Imagine what this red gradation lighting will looks like when attached to living room’s ceiling. These artistic lighting fixtures can be an elegant interior element.

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