Accent Wall Colors Choice with an Incandescent Lighting

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In today’s development of architectural knowledge combined with the aesthetic playful art, there is an accessory wall designed different with the surrounding tone. We called it today, an accent wall. This accent colors should be different in contrast to the other wall, for example if your environment is in white tone, you can paint your accent wall in a vivid purple, fiery red, or other crisp colors. The accent wall colors are best-suited with a simple combination following the color wheel or you can randomly choose your desired color but don’t be so bold.

Accent wall colors for living room with dark furniture

Accent wall colors for living room with dark furniture

In deciding the wall colors we must pick the right accent wall materials and consider its function. There are so many materials can be used in creating an accent wall colors, such as painted wall, wallpapered wall, brick wall, marble wall, and so on. The painted and wallpapered wall have the same effect in creating a vivid color, the brick wall is able to bring a rustic feeling in the middle of your living room or family room and best-suited with the high crowned fireplace with its hearth. The marble wall is very luxurious and expensive compared to the other wall types. Hence the contrast is on the texture and not on the color.

The next thing after we decide on the material of the accent wall is the coloring. The color wheel rules said that we can blend the nearest color in the diagram. As we know the basic color is the red, blue, and yellow, so the nearest wall colors combination must be the blending of those two. If you want to try the bold move, you can use the contrary color that come in opposite. We can suggest you to having these color, harvest brown, mood indigo, and swan wing. The effects of these three colors are magnificently amazing. These combinations can bring up your mood and not so soring your eyes.

Something that you must consider in creating that such a combination is the some question like, how you can bring up the mood? What lighting should you buy to such a vivid red color? You must learn about the hue and saturation and after than you can light up any color you want to pursue. The lighting also can bring certain color more saturated or on the contrary, diminished the saturation. So, you can use the incandescent light if you want to shade the hot color because it bring the warn aura to your room. If your accent wall colors and the lighting is perfect match, you can bring a harmony into your room, and if you use the wall colors, you can easily change the color based on your mood.

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